It’s time to become.

It’s time to commit to yourself.

You are the only one holding yourself back.

You are the problem, but you’re also the solution and love is the answer.

Unfiltered, unedited, unconditional love.

It starts with you.

Only when you’re honest with yourself, take responsibility for yourself and are vulnerable with yourself are you open to receiving all the love, all the money, all the goodness.

Your inconsistency has nothing to do with your lack of strategy.

It has everything to do with your lack of commitment to yourself.

Your lack of belief in yourself.

Your lack of worthiness.

No mas.

It’s time to stop contracting and start expanding.

Expansion from place of love, of worthiness = everything you ever wanted rushing towards you.

This is a total immersion.

This is about a total transformation.

You’re going to undress yourself of all the things you’re wearing that aren’t yours and that you’re not admitting.

You know it’s there, but you’re not FEELING it in the way you need to.

The way that is required for you to get to the next level.


This is for the woman that’s done the mindset work and grasps the following concepts:

You have the power to create your own reality.

You have full control over your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions.

Life is happening FOR you, not TO you.

Your self worth can’t be found in your job title, relationship status, social media following or bank account.

If you’re still with us, then you get it.

You get that fears and nerves will always present themselves.

You get that this journey… your journey… is one of continued growth and healing and development.

You get that logic won’t get you where you want to go.

How could it?!

Logic is linear. It’s based in what it can see currently.

But you create your own reality, remember?

And so your goals, your vision, WHAT YOU KNOW AT A SOUL LEVEL TO BE TRUE FOR YOU is beyond what your mind can see in this moment.

And so it’s time to step beyond the logic into the FEELING, the FAITH and the FLOW so that you raise our vibration and your standards and as a collective we unite and rise together.

When you move forward from that space you step into alignment and out into the world as your certain, raw, vulnerable, authentic self.

THAT is the goal.

THAT is the mission.

THAT is your journey to your purpose, your greatness and your highest self.

You innately know if this is for you.

If this is where you’re at.

If this is what you’re ready for.

Listen to that voice.

Lean into that nudge and let’s do this together.


UNLIMITED Private Coaching with us

UNLIMITED Voxer with us (voxer is a text/voice messaging app)

4 Modules from us

4 Group Coaching Sessions

Voxer Group Chat

Pre-Work workbook as soon as you sign up

TAP INTO YOUR HIGHEST SELF group session where we will walk you through meeting your highest self, feeling what it is like to embody her, learn how to love like her and so much more…

This program is our hope for you, our prayer for you and our love for you.

We love you exactly as you are in this moment and our intention with this experience is to show you why, so that you can do the same for yourself because from that space you are unstoppable and anything is possible.

Total Investment: $3,333

Pay in Full Bonus: 90 min intensive + 10 extra days of Voxer support

Payment Plan Available

If you know in your soul that this is for you…


What is the goal of this program?

To show you that the answers you seek are within you, they already exist inside you and it’s safe to trust them, to trust yourself.

You will walk away feeling worthy to make aligned decisions and take aligned action in your life and business.

Will I really feel worthy in just 40 days?

Absolutely. We’re going to introduce you to your highest self in just 90 minutes. The rest of the 40 day journey is about committing and re-committing to her while peeling back the fears, doubts and triggers that pop up as you walk towards her and learn how to become her and show up as her consistently.

What we’ve learned is that things take as long as we give them. We could easily make this a 3 or 4 month program, but why wait? It’s time for you to see and feel your full power and show up as her now.

I’ve done a ton of mindset and self development work already. How is this different?

It’s different because while yes you’ve done the work, you haven’t fully allowed yourself to FEEL and EMBODY the work.

This program isn’t about what you do, but the place from which you do it.

What will the layout of the program be?

As soon as you say YES to your 40 day journey to worthiness you will receive the pre-work workbook!!

We will do a group 90 min TAP INTO YOUR HIGHEST SELF session as a kickoff next week.

If you pay in full you will also receive a bonus 90 min private session to follow the kick off.

From there we will have a new module for you every 10ish days.

After the 90 min kickoff you will have the link to schedule as many private coaching sessions with us as you need!!

We will also set up an individual voxer chat with us + a group voxer chat for all of us!

You will receive channeled messages, exercises and prompts daily.

Prepare for additional surprises throughout because we will continue to teach on anything and everything that comes up and or is divinely given to us throughout the 40 days.

I’m unsure of what to expect from you two coaching together. How does it work?

Expect magic. Pure magic.

We each tap into different parts of you — past, present and future. Collectively we paint a complete picture so that you feel totally understood and supported.

What is the balance between group work and individual work?


We’re offering something we’ve never offered before, which is UNLIMITED private coaching calls with us + UNLIMITED 24/7 voxer access for the full 40 days. Because this program is so focused on aligned action and the transformation of you becoming your highest self we want you to feel our full support, like we’re literally walking beside you the whole time.


The community aspect is also very intimate and intentional. It will be a small group of women (plus Elvin!) in the program to keep it super personalized. There will be a group chat on Voxer, as well as 4 group coaching calls so that you have a small community of like-minded women to show you that you’re not alone in your fears or your desires.

Are you ready?